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British Gas is the UK's leading energy and home services provider, serving 12 million households. Its ambition is to move from being a transactional utility to a trusted brand. Over the last 5 years, we have worked with them to create a vision and the relevant services that would enable this shift to happen.


We worked with British Gas to bring the vision to life with an emotive film to inspire and guide the business. We then set about designing a pipeline of services that would enable this to happen.

We helped create EnergySmart - a free, online service that lets customers manage their energy usage and payments with bill alerts and personalised usage charts.

Based on the needs of millennial house-sharers we created an entirely new service sub-brand called ME Mobile Energy.

We created a Salesforce-based tablet tool for the engineers. This enabled engineers to deliver better customer experience.

We have applied the same market leading UX thinking to the British Gas consumer and business websites.


"We wanted to ensure our new offering made a genuine difference to our customers. If the feature didn't make a significant difference to our customers' lives then it didn't go in."

Phil Kohler, Director of Products and Propositions 

British Gas




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