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Winner of a 2015 Transform award for Best Implementation of a Brand Development Project


Following a very successful five-year sprint, Touchbase made a business decision to rebrand in order to become a true representation of how they operate and the role they play with their clients. Touchbase wanted to stand out in their market place and showcase their differentiation. 



We worked collaboratively with key stakeholders of the business to uncover what it was that truly made them stand out amongst their competitors. We went back to the roots of the business and used their desire and passion to deliver quality and truly help others to achieve amazing things as the brand's purpose, and from here began developing names, colours and brand principles that were aligned with that purpose. Once we had established the new brand name and principles, we developed a suite of assets including; logo, graphics, colours, typefaces, TOV principles, icons, infographics and photography and the new Natilik brand was born. 


"We don’t just have a new name, logo and brand and all the assets that come with this, we now have a whole new approach to engaging with our clients and the wider global market. We also have a brand that everyone in the business feels incredibly proud to represent. The Rufus team were instrumental in this success. From the strategic engagement with key stakeholders at the start of the process, establishing a creative territory, helping us decide on a new name, through to the amazing design work and diligent ongoing account management, the Rufus team didn’t put a foot wrong.”

Mike Danson, CEO, Natilik 


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