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Tesco Father's Day

We asked influencers to share their stories of love for Father's Day



To drive positive engagement around Father’s Day for the second year of the Tesco Tannoy Takeover.



In its first year, Tesco inspired people with an ad for the Tannoy Takeover, but people are more motivated by real stories than an ad.



Tesco launched the Tannoy Takeovers which enabled customers to declare their love in public. In the run up to Father’s Day, customers could record a special message for their dads online and then book in a time slot at various Tesco stores where they could surprise their dads with a heartfelt message across Father’s Day weekend.

We worked with influencers to drive positive conversation online and take the ATL featuring the Tannoy Takeover into the real world.

Influencers from across the UK went into stores to surprise their dads and partners with special Father’s Day messages, thanking them for everything they have done for them over the years.



The influencers brought the Tannoy Takeovers into the real world with authentic video content and accompanying blog and social posts:

6 influencers went into store to surprise their dads, which resulted in the results below.


pieces of video content


social posts


social engagements



potential reach across platforms



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This resulted in various blog posts and social posts featuring authentic video content of the moment the influencers surprised their dads and partners.

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