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Festive Bake Campaign

We drove sales of Festive Bakes for Greggs

Gregg's Festive Bake from Splendid Communications on Vimeo.


Boost engagement and conversation during Christmas by using the most anticipated product in the Greggs calendar, the Festive Bake, to make Greggs stand out and increase overall sales YOY.


77% of content and conversation is shared via ‘dark social’ platforms, such as WhatsApp, Messenger & Telegram.


We created a campaign that lived where dark social conversations take place but would create conversation everywhere.  The campaign had two key phases to get Festive Bake fanatics excited:

PHASE 1 – a WhatsApp group, dedicated to Festive Bake lovers. We announced it via Facebook and Twitter and thousands of people applied.  This social innovation was taken to a wider audience via national media editorial coverage.

PHASE 2 – we maintained buzz by re-launching the now famous #PastySanta selfie campaign with the addition of the year’s biggest trend: the Face Swap. The WhatsApp group members were first to hear about this new feature and they kick started a stream of #PastySanta Face Swaps across the UK.

Our WhatsApp group were also rewarded with daily competitions, giveaways and fan-fostering content, including a movie trailer parody featuring members’ loving quotes about the Festive Bake.


6.4% increase in

sales over Christmas


10.2% growth in

Festive Bake sales YOY


98% YOY uplift in engagement

in tweets about #PastySanta


41% increase in

Festive Bake mentions YOY


25 pieces of national coverage

about the WhatsApp group


OTS of 260 million

from earned media

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