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Float at Pride

Androidify yourself online

Celebrity Androids


Galvanising mass conversation around a brand at a specific moment in time



Android is a brand that is committed to diversity but not everyone can celebrate it freely. We needed to assert Android’s position as the champion of diversity amongst tech-savvy, premium-hungry, choice-deprived, mobile-first 18-34 year olds.



#andproud, an innovative web and mobile web experience to give anyone around the world with access to the web the freedom to join the Pride party without fear, letting them celebrate who they are, no matter where they live.

The campaign started with a social activity driving people to, where they could create their own Pride android to share on social, choosing from hundreds of bespoke Pride outfits and dance moves. Hundreds of Pride Androids also featured in the physical Pride parades on #andproud floats across London, New York and San Francisco.



  • Over 150,000 celebratory Androids were created from 176 countries, including over 75 where anti-homosexuality laws exist, and five where homosexuality carries the death penalty.
  • The campaign had 810m earned impressions across social media, trending globally on Twitter on the day.
  • Celebrities loved our campaign so much that dozens, including Kylie, Jamie Oliver and Sam Smith, asked us to create their own Android characters without a fee exchanged.


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