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Depaul UK: The Depaul Box Company 

Creating a sustainable business model for a charity 



The Challenge

The charity sector relies on advertising campaigns to generate funding, but as soon as an advertising campaign finishes, so does the spike in fundraising. Fine if you have deep pockets and can continually advertise, but Depaul UK hasn't, and can't.

The Solution

In order to avoid competing with higher spending charities, as well as increasing donor fatigue, we changed the paradigm by deciding to stop asking people for money, and start selling them a product that was genuinely useful with an in-built donation mechanism, therefore creating a sustainable funding model for Depaul UK.


The Results

We've turned charity fundraising into a logical consumer purchase, and the act of moving house into a life-saving opportunity.

50,000 home movers have used Depaul boxes.

It's an entirely self-sustaining revenue stream with minimal marketing expenditure.

Depaul now has a revolutionary new model on which to build their future and perhaps a model for other charities to help plan their futures.

The campaign was also winner of the APG and Guardian Special Award for Progressive Thinking, as well as a Gold award at the Cannes Festival for creative effectiveness.



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