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One of the Top 30 most viewed agencies for 2017

Another break. From Super Break. 

Our campaign for SuperBreak, a leading supplier of short break’s in the UK, is a break within the ad break. It grabs your attention with a different weapon: peacefulness. 

The campaign and rebrand allows for a much more stripped-back approach, a new direction for brand. It also sees the company name modernised and repositioned within brackets “(SUPER BREAK)” offering a sleek and sophisticated look and feel whilst also metaphorically representing the often much-needed break in our everyday lives. 

Our ads use subtle yet evocative POV moments that totally absorb the viewer and transport them to that experience. The quietly dramatic scenes are also designed to offer a ‘break’ from the typically loud, fast-moving and brash advertising – producing a completely different tone and an instant higher-end feel for the brand. 

The campaign includes a variety of breaks across TV, Print, OOH and digital display.

Brand consideration has gone up 24 percentage points to 78% (highest ever uplift recorded by the tracking company, for a single campaign) and there has been a 34% increase in market share since re-brand went live.  

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