Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing



The Challenge

We needed to open Land Rover up to a new, broader audience:
people who struggled to see anything in the brand beyond big,
boxy but eminently capable off-road vehicles. 

The Solution

From Land Rover’s unique attitude to winter, we built the brand’s
first ever seasonal engagement platform: an idea about loving winter
in all its glory, whatever it throws at us. An idea called #Hibernot. 

The Results

The result was tremendous. 27 million earned media impressions representing
a £417k media value. Land Rover UK’s twitter following grew by 35%
(more than BMW UK’s entire following at the time).

Land Rover’s brand belief translated into new vehicle enquiries, up 15%
YOY over the campaign period, despite a 30% decrease in media investment,
and by the time the Discovery Sport went on sale in January 2015,
pre-orders already accounted for 79% of the sales target for the financial year.
By the end of the financial year orders exceeded the target by over 10%.

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