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Babybel: Babybel Buddies - Case Study on Vimeo.

The Problem

The introduction of free school meals for 5-7 year olds in 2014 put nearly 50%
of Mini Babble’s usage occasions at risk. Our options to respond were limited
by the constraints of a single global strategy focused on parents buying
what goes in packed lunches: we needed to shift our focus to Tweens.

The problem was that this demographic roundly rejected Mini Babybel because they
had spent years cosying up to their mums and they were desperate to break away
from the babyish associations of the product bought for them when they were younger.
We needed a change in body language and a means to build an authentic relationship
if we were to challenge the perceptions of this brand savvy and shrewd audience.

Research told us that, whether as distraction strategies or bargaining chips, kids were
increasingly gaining access to their parent’s smartphones or were being bought
their own. This was tinged with parental fear of inappropriate content round every
corner and eye-watering bills from freemium games.

The Solution

Our opportunity was to leverage the trust we’d spent years establishing with
those parents to access this uniquely relevant and impactful channel with this
difficult group. Moreover, if we pitched the content right, parents and Tweens
alike would actually seek it out and help us with the task at hand.

The outcome was Babybel Buddies. A piece of intellectual property consisting of a cast
of 3D characters and an associated world, brought to life through the latest mobile
technology and providing a seamless link to advertising, in-store and on-pack promotion.
We launched the platform with Babybel Buddies Bowling a free pass-and-play gaming app
that delivered authenticity through real playability and measured branding.

The Results

The results from the launch were fantastic with in excess of 46,000 downloads
over a four month campaign period (beating Peppa Pig in the process), a 5%
increase in penetration amongst households with kids aged 10+ and perhaps most importantly, the volume target beaten by 60 tonnes. 

Response from retailers was overwhelming,
with leading supermarkets offering increased shelf space, bespoke point
of sale activity and even asking for their very own Buddies.

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