Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing



The Challenge

Use the centenary of the First World War to recruit a new generation of younger donors to The Royal Britsh Legion.

The Solution

We ‘killed’ our audience’s favourite celebrities and created the 'Everyman Remembered' campaign. Harry Styles, Andy Murray, Alex Ferguson were just a few of the fallen soldiers from WW1 that we commemorated. To generate media interest and drive people to remember someome online we created social content and print ads which remembered soldiers who shared the same name as well-known public figures.


The Results

The campaign was the single largest act of commemoration ever produced in the UK and,
to date, has raised £1.5 million in donations. Futher, the online database has received over
300,000 personal commemorations. ‘Every Man Remembered’ was the celebrity campaign
that didn’t spend a single pound on celebrity endorsement. A campaign befitting the men
who died to ensure our freedom.

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