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Help the BBC forge a stronger and deeper relationship with its users at a time of increasing fragmentation in the way people consume entertainment.


To help the BBC reconnect with their viewers, we turned ‘latent lovers’ into advocates. People don’t often stand up for the brands they love, but they do for the content they love. So we conceived a service that got people to tell us what they love from the BBC in exchange for recommendations of more things they might love. People could now show us what they love by clicking a heart button, share it with friends and discover great new things from the BBC. We launched this new functionality with a series of trailers that brought people’s unique love for content to life. 


In the 12 months from launch, we saw 2.9 million clicks on the 'love' button which represented a 25% growth of positive interactions with the BBC. As a result of the love button, viewers discovered 8 million new pieces of content from the BBC and positive sentiment about the BBC and its content rose by 14%. 

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