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How we got players to celebrate the game.

Our Live The Game campaign for 888poker came at a time when despite having the second largest customer base in the category, the number of people actually playing was decreasing.  Our research suggested that there was a fear associated with playing the tables and having your chips eaten by the more professional players, therefore taking the fun out of the experience. 888 Poker actually prided themselves on matching players up with people of a similar standard, so we brought that to life across TV and digital channels, dramatising that moment when you compete with your friends for the win.

Did it work?

The campaign was successful by a variety of metrics.  Registered players began playing more, and new players came into the category.  Additionally, the 888poker brand became recognised more for being a fun and playful brand, rather than an offer-led online gambling one, which stands the business in great stead as we move forward.


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