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Honey Monster had not been profitable for many years, Frequent changes of ownership had led to under investment and neglect. 

What's more - sugar has become the 'new tobacco' as people have become increasingly concerned about sugar levels in their diet, and the supermarkets have sought to respond to this by reducing the number of sugary foods that they stock. So a brand called ‘Honey Monster Sugar Puffs’ was clearly under threat in terms of shelf space.

Yet research revealed that Honey Monster had the highest spontaneous recall of any brand character (including Tony the Tiger and the Coco Pops Monkey) in the cereal sector at 59% of respondents, plus 84% total awareness. Unfortunately in recent times (certainly in advertising) he’d become an anarchic clown, smashing up homes and making Mums feel increasingly uncomfortable about putting him in her basket.


We worked with Halo Foods on a comprehensive transformation of the brand – changing the formulation of the product to include more honey and less sugar, but critically also changing the product name to ‘Honey Monster Puffs’ to bring the cereal more closely in line with the iconic character. From this came new packaging and a new, more active, outdoorsy Honey Monster costume that was more ‘buff’ and less less bulky than before.

Underpinning all our work on Honey Monster was the belief that everything needed to change if it was to be relevant in 2015. That included the brand strategy. For us Honey Monster needed to appeal to the child in everyone; someone to laugh with, rather than laugh at. So he evolved from King of Clumsiness to Creator of Mischief. Fun, but on a monster scale. Fun that was outdoors (where a monster should be.) Fun that unites. Fun monsterfied.


First of all we reintroduced the Honey Monster to his public and activated the campaign on facebook and twitter. 

We then undertook a TV test in January 2015. In the campaign period sales went up 44% YOY in the first six weeks, and over the year are up 12% overall.

As a result of this, the client was able to prevent any delisting from major multiples, and in fact has gained listings over the last 12 months.

Building on Campaign Success – keeping the momentum going.

To continue to build on this growth, the plan is to continue to lead the way in the cereal market in terms of product formulation, packaging and new product development.

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