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Mattessons: driving brand and purchase with millennials

Traditionally, Mattessons had targeted mums as gatekeepers with a TV-first approach. But we had a bigger job to do to really shift the dial for our clients, so we asked ourselves the question: in a market where meat snacking is not habitual, how could we convince young people to snack on meat?

Research led us to two key insights: that 61% of young people were gaming when they got home from school rather than watching TV – and that two thirds of them also snacked while they gamed. Crucially, when choosing their snack, teens opened the fridge door ahead of the cupboard, which offered us a unique opportunity to replace crisps as the snack of choice for teen gamers.

We partnered with famous YouTube influencers and, using their reach and credibility with millions of young gamers, launched a series of groundbreaking gaming campaigns. MMM3000, saw us co-create a hands-free snacking and gaming helmet, and we launched “F.R.H.A.N.K”, an artificially intelligent robot who could be taught to game by the young gamers themselves.

Our latest work for the brand has seen them move their credibility in the gaming space into a new positive area, with Snackerhacker, an immersive online experience which taught teens to code, without them even knowing it. The campaign took players on a breadcrumb trail across the internet, and more than 24,000 gamers who completed the challenge were awarded the Level 1 coding certificate in Python.

Crucially, all of the campaigns were supported in-store and with on-pack promotions to win gaming prizes. Results included a sales uplift of 20%, a revenue ROMI value of £4.71/£1, and numerous awards including at Cannes and IPA Effectiveness.

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