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The story of the Mountain People...

Rab is the real deal when it comes to mountaineering. Started by legendary climber Rab Carrington, his hand-stitched equipment took the climbing community by storm. To this day, it remains loved and trusted by mountaineers the world over.

No matter the evocative backstory – all outdoors brands were doing the same thing: frowning bearded men, grim solo pursuits, and an arms race of meaningless technology. It was enough to make you want to stay at home.

What unlocked our story was an interview with Rab Carrington himself. He told us that the greatest thing he ever got from climbing was friendship. We repositioned the brand to focus on the kinship of climbing, and brought our new story to life through a print series and film. 

Our vision of has resonated with weekend walkers and professional mountaineers alike. We also crafted a visual and verbal world for Rab’s new narrative, ensuring that the call to ‘awaken the climber in everyone’ has been felt across all markets.

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