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A matter of taste

Sales of our national drink are in decline (no, not beer, the other one). It seems as if people would rather sip matcha latte than ordinary black tea. Our task was to enlighten folk to the delicious taste of Clipper.

The only problem is that you can’t see taste. And unless you’ve got some Willy Wonka lickable wallpaper, you can’t communicate taste through a billboard.

We conveyed the flavour of Clipper through sight and sound, yet made taste the hero of our story. Our nationwide OOH campaign featured original artwork demonstrating the uplifting taste of Clipper in a riot of colour


We also launched our very own band, The Clipperettes, in an event attended by leading social influencers and journalists. The Clipperettes then made appearances at sampling sessions around the country to ensure consumers could try out Clipper’s superior taste for themselves.

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Interact with Aesop