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The Story of True Depth of Character

Your character is formed from life experience. It’s what makes you unique. With a rich history of crafting prestige whiskies the same could be said of Ballantine’s. Our challenge was to come up with a compelling way of bringing the Ballantine’s story to life.

The answer – a global interactive tasting experience, the likes of which the whisky industry has never seen before. With our custom-designed digital table, chapters in the story are unlocked by placing prestige bottles and specially selected props on the table. And the really cool part? The table acts as a giant touchscreen. This allows customers and the on trade alike to engage with interactive challenges during the tasting. 360° wall projections were also beamed across the room, transporting guests from wherever they are in the world, to the four corners of Scotland. The final touch, to a truly immersive story.

To support the experience we also created a global toolkit including invites to the experience, gift boxes and set design.

Moral: A strong depth of character will always prevail

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