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Hamilton Princess Bermuda



The Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda first opened its doors in 1885 and for years enjoyed attracting the most elite of travellers of the day. But then it all changed. Whether it was due to a weak tourism board, the economic downturn, or perceptions of the island as an outmoded getaway, Bermuda, and the hotel, lost its shine.



In 2012, The Green Family had a vision to return the hotel to its former glory and put Bermuda back on the map. They built a 60 berth marina, Beach Club, a harbourside infinity pool, two new restaurants and an exclusive gym and spa. By 2016 the renovation was complete however the destination and hotel still wasn’t on anyone’s consideration list. We were therefore tasked with making Bermuda feel relevant again and raising awareness of the newly renovated hotel.



As Bermuda is only a 2 hour flight away from the East Coast of America we focused our communications on raising awareness of the proximity of the island to a new audience of millennial leisure travellers, while also providing them with constant, surprising reasons why they should visit. Using the provocative headline ‘How long does it take to’ we created a high impact film, OOH, print and digital campaign that would establish the Hamilton Princess as THE must go to destination for the Millennial leisure traveller. 



The campaign’s big launch is in April 2017 so we can’t provide any results yet.

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club from Hamilton Princess & Beach Club on Vimeo.
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