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“Email is now driving more than double the proportion of traffic and close to 70% more revenue against the same period last year. Emailed customers are 20% more valuable and book 11% more frequently than non-emailable customers.”

Carolyn McCall, CEO EasyJet

What was the clever bit?

People don’t travel budget for the experience in the air. They travel for what happens when they land. You don’t need data to tell you that.

What you can only uncover through data is why each of those people wants to travel, where they want to go next and what they intend to do when they get there. Our programme has allowed easyJet to know 60 million people around the world so well that it can anticipate their individual travel needs. Didn’t realise you’d been hankering for a trip to Berlin? easyJet  did. Forgotten you need travel insurance? easyJet hasn’t.

Over the course of a highly ambitious 5-year programme of change, we combined systems, automation, data insight and personalisation so that today we can:

  • Use data to learn who each EasyJet consumer is and what they love about travel; which destinations, what times and why
  • Build sequences of communications that on the last action of the consumer; to anticipate their needs and serve up useful suggestions and behaviour nudges
  • Target with more relevant communications that recipients are far more likely to respond to and interact with
  • Create content that is based on the flights or services you last bought, and inspiration based on the destinations you’ve recently been browsing


Over the last five years, we have created aviation’s most successful eCRM programme:

  • Driving ROI of 350 to 1 • Increased booking online to 93%
  • CTR up to 51% (online check-in email) – x12 higher than industry average
  • £101 million annual incremental revenue
  • Implementing a programme for 60 million passengers in 14 markets

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