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How we stole back market share
using distinctive brand assets

The Instant Coffee market is as crowded as it is competitive. Many brands use the same colours, same imagery and scenarios and the same descriptors to define their product. In the coffee aisle, consumers either automatically reach for the market leader or buy whatever’s on offer.

Douwe Egberts sat a distant third place in the UK market. Viewed as old-fashioned, it was losing relevance. And while it was priced at a premium, shoppers didn’t really get why they should pay more for it so they only ever bought it when it was on offer.


With over 260 years of craft and expertise behind them, the quality of Douwe Egberts coffee was never in doubt. But, as is the case for all freeze-dried coffee products, this craft wasn’t immediately apparent.

Talking to shoppers we unearthed a consumer truth – Douwe Egberts’ unique air-tight glass jar that perfectly reflects the craft and care that goes into the actual product, is loved, kept, cherished and re-used by consumers.

The Instant Coffee market is as crowded as it is competitive.

We celebrated and shared the amazing things consumers do with their used coffee jars, creating a unique campaign that had genuine cut through instore and across trade, TV, print and social.

We then partnered with the designer Orla Kiely to deliver the ultimate ‘gift with purchase’ with three limited edition collectible jars to add value, desirability and ultimately stand out on shelf.


  • Brand moved from the third to the second best selling coffee brand in the UK.

  • Brand Awareness +13%

  • Brand Consideration +22%

  • Value Share +14%

  • Penetration +66%


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