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Making consumers fall in love with Flash again - by cleaning up the impossible.



Within a low interest category, Flash was losing share to its closest competitors and in need of a new approach to keep its market-leading position. Being the best cleaning brand was not enough anymore. We needed to move beyond functional cleaning messages and find another way to connect with people. We needed to bring the brand back to people’s attention, with a campaign that cut through and brought Flash to the forefront of consumers’ attention, and held it all the way to the shopping aisle next time they were in store. 



We identified a moment when the tough cleaning tasks are completed and your home looks exactly as you want it. This became our ‘Flash A-ha!” moment: embodying that physical and emotional victory.

By creating a distinctive campaign that is playfully celebrates this, people felt more affinity towards us, and we gave consumers a new way to understand our superior product efficacy.



Within only a few months, Flash A-Ha! had become the most effective and memorable Flash campaign ever with 43% ad recall and 74% brand linkage. The online video reached 2.5 million YouTube views and was the third most popular on YouTube in 2016. 75% of listeners who heard that radio ad took some form of activity, and 50% said they would recommend the brand as a result. Most importantly this resulted in Flash regaining market share and smashing all sales targets by 5%. Since the outstanding results enjoyed by Flash A-Ha!, it has become a case study for best-in-class advertising within P&G and is setting new standards for all of their communications to meet. 



Leo Burnett


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