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Havana Club, Nothing Compares to Havana 


The Challenge:

Havana Club rum has a rich heritage within Cuba but only a niche position internationally. The challenge was to transform its image so it could perform powerfully on the global stage and become one of the top three rum brands in the world.

The Strategy:

As one of the only international Cuban brands, Havana Club had a unique opportunity: to become the icon of Cuban culture. Our campaign celebrated this fact by expressing the deep passions that informed all of the country’s richness.

The simple, unifying key thought that represented this was ‘Whether living life or making rum, nothing compares to Havana’. A thought that was able to unite the country and the product more directly than before.

Launched in 39 countries, a series of TV ads and print work gave consumers a glimpse of life in Cuba’s vibrant capital. Website became a platform enabling contemporary Cuban artists to showcase their talent. An interactive element allowed viewers to actively engage by browsing through online content, while a virtual bar taught people how to make the perfect Cuban mojito.

The Results

Global sales increased by 58%.

Havana is now the second largest international rum brand in the world, pipping Bacardi to first place in some key markets.





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