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Made For Me




The Challenge

Our challenge was to transform DFS’s traditional approach to direct marketing, and instead create a new kind of CRM with a target of £6M incremental revenue in year one of a three-year strategy.



The Solution

Previously, DFS ran huge direct mail campaigns with generous money-off coupons and large-scale door-drop activity. But they didn’t know what worked - so we stopped it. And then we introduced ‘Made for Me’: a personalised, data-driven, always-on multi-channel content strategy, designed to deliver the best sofa-buying experience.

We started by mapping the customer journey; fusing database analysis with quantitative and qualitative research to define it. We simplified the journey graphically, using it to educate and earn the all-important buy-in from the rest of the DFS business.

Our analysis identified that the key sofa purchase triggers were major life-stage events. We built a bespoke attitudinal segmentation for CRM using a proprietary geodemographic tool and tagged every record. We then created a new cleansed database and developed a single customer view for DFS.

Key to our transforming their approach to one-to-one communications was developing relevant content at every key step in the journey, learning and optimising as we went; something totally new to the business. We wanted our data-driven content strategy to engage new audiences and change brand perceptions – a task you might normally expect of TV. The ‘Made for Me’ CRM programme did that by engaging in a much more cost-effective, personalised and emotional way, relating every piece of content to the customer’s life stage to build a compelling and transformative story. 



The Results

The Connect tool delivered a 33% conversion uplift for participating stores, and 27% uplift in average customer order value and generated an ROI of £22:1.


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