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The Power of Frozen



The Challenge

We were tasked to set about changing the brand’s identity through a radical rethink in its brand behaviour, to accompany a new, better-defined, role for itself in people's lives.


The Solution

We created the new  ‘Power of Frozen’ positioning for the brand, which brings to life the undisputable benefits of frozen food - that by freezing food as soon as it has been picked, caught or prepared, the taste and quality is at a premium.

The campaign aims to reach a new generation of ‘butterfly shoppers’ – those who no longer do one weekly big shop, but now shop from a wide variety of places, local as well as online, daily and impulsively as well as ‘stocking up’ less frequently. Iceland can now claim a more regular & rightful place in this style of shopping. By filling the gaps with its high quality, wide ranging produce it can be the trusted balance which compensates for a more fickle express style of purchasing.

Iceland also now embraces social media to a far greater extent than ever before, joining everything together by #PowerofFrozen across all activity, using Twitter on a mass scale, and by also creating roaming "surf and turf" sampling shacks for real life promoted customer engagement.

The Results

The campaign launched in May and results since then have shown a signifant increase in consideration to purchase.

Recent Kantar data also shows that Iceland has recorded its strongest sales growth in over a year, with a 3.4% year-on-year increase in sales for the same period.

“Kantar attributes the sales rise to Iceland switching its marketing approach to focus on more premium products through its ‘Power of Frozen’ campaign and the opening of The Food Warehouse stores, which are more than double the size of a typical Iceland shop and provide a more upmarket offer.” Retail Week.

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