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A true cocktail icon, The Collins is a classic serve from the 1820’s which, like Chivas, has travelled from Mayfair to Manhattan and back again. We decided it was time these two iconic drinks should meet.

We developed a global strategic platform - Meet Chivas Collins - designed to establish the Chivas Collins as a ‘contemporary classic’ signature cocktail, through memorable Collins moments across both the on-and-off trade. Our Chivas Collins bridges the Atlantic, reliving that golden era with a contemporary twist.



Serving Trolley


Epitomising the aesthetic and identity of Chivas Regal, and Constructed from a combination brass and dark stained oak with a brass Chivas logo (Luckenbooth) inlaid, the Chivas trolley displays refined detailing, quality materials, and a glamorous sense of style.

A brass Luckenbooth is pinned off the front of the trolley to provide handles to open the insulated cold compartment for ice and mixers. The Collins sharing tray has pride of place on the top of the trolley, whilst glasses, apples and limes are carried on lower shelves.

The signature wheels are mechanically fixed to create clean joints, with a recessed rubber tyre protecting the brass. A milled hexagonal brass central nut references the six spokes of the wheel.



Sharing Tray


Through deconstructing Chivas’ signature serve, the Collins sharing tray both educates and creates an engaging experience whilst emphasising the generous and sharing nature of the brand.

The Collins sharing tray is designed to deliver a very specific drink serving ritual. Comprising of five circular spun brass vessels, each containing an ingredient of the Chivas Collins, the tray can be rotated allowing you to build your drink step-by-step.

Discs of dark stained oak are wrapped in beautifully curved brass, which is then riveted together. Solid brass handles follow the curve of the tray and circular discs and the luckenbooth are brass inlaid into the wood.


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