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That Superdrug Feeling 


Compelling transformational truth: That the Superdrug experience was the joyful antidote to Boots’ cold clinical one – they just weren’t doing it justice in advertising.

Over the last couple of years Superdrug have been doing great commercially, but there remained millions of people who had negative misconceptions about what they offered vs Boots and didn’t know how much the brand had changed in the past few years. Targeting these misconceptions, to show Superdrug in a way these people had never seen before, was our solution. 

We rooted our creative in both rational and emotional differentiators, which we brought to life using the ‘feeling’ from their brand line ‘That Superdrug Feeling’. We centred on the way in which Superdrug delivered moments of joy through their in-store experience and products, but then made them even sweeter with their prices and special offers. 

The campaign is an energetic, playful take on this differentiator, where key beauty looks are brought to life through a diverse spectrum of daring, bold, fun and fierce individuals. 

The campaign continues over the coming months.

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