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Hollywood to your Home

Panasonic brings Hollywood to your Home from Brave on Vimeo.


Compelling transformational truth: Demystify TV tech by focusing on what viewers care most about: awesome, incredible looking content.

'Hollywood to your Home' is the latest incarnation of an ongoing platform that celebrates how Panasonic televisions deliver movies the way the filmmaker intended. 

Traditionally Panasonic’s target audience is the more discerning, tech savvy and well-informed TV buyer. However there’s a broader audience for whom endless webpages of technical information is paralysing.  

This campaign goes beyond Panasonic's traditional consumer heartland and celebrates what everyone buys televisions for, and that’s to enjoy incredible visual experiences. We wanted to create something that was truly spectacular, taking the viewer on a journey through some of cinema’s best-loved genres. To that end we created an epic trailer (in 4K HDR), to excite movie buffs who wanted the same – if not better – cinematic experience in their own home.

No one spends too much time talking about their televisions, but they do talk about what they watched on it, and hopefully seeing movies as the director intended will mean that consumers now have a reason to talk about both.

The trailer for the ‘greatest movie never made’ is appearing in stores, cinemas and everywhere as the global campaign rollout continues throughout 2017.

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