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Airbnb - World of Trips

Amplify bring authentic experiences to intrepid travellers


Airbnb’s Trips gives travellers an easy way to access local experiences provided by Airbnb Hosts, but awareness surrounding this new feature was low. Amplify were asked to create buzz around Trips in one of Airbnb’s supercities – Barcelona.


Experiences booked through Trips can sometimes last hours – for some travellers this is too much time to spend with a stranger. However, Airbnb’s target travellers like to be surprised by new things – ideally through partners they can trust.


To make Trips appealing and accessible to intrepid travellers, we decided to target spaces in Barcelona where there would be tourists who were after something exciting to fill their time in the city.


World of Trips

To lower the barrier to entry, we hand-selected three authentic Barcelona businesses to create tangible face-to-face interactions for Airbnb. These spots had high tourist footfall that gave us a perfect platform to showcase everything Trips had to offer.

We transformed these spaces into Airbnb hubs, and had brand ambassadors entice travellers with five hero Trips available on the app. The ambassadors allowed real-life connections to be made between the idea of Trips and the tourists, and encouraged them to book on to an experience.

To support our the face-to-face experience, we created branded collateral that educated readers about Trips and allowed them to book on to experiences at a later date.

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