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INFINITI has high ambitions of competing with the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

We have been their pan-European digital and CRM partner since 2007 when the brand first launched in Europe, and we work as an extension of a small, but highly energised, Central European marketing team based in Geneva. We run digital marketing across 13 markets and CRM and social in nine markets throughout Europe. This involves ten language variants and managing multiple language variants in complex markets such as Switzerland, where we develop communications in four languages: Swiss-German, French, Italian and English.

To build, nurture and convert interest in INFINITI cars to sales – and with very limited ATL support – we utilise the full Adobe stack to help deliver an exceptional customer experience at every digital touchpoint throughout the car purchase journey, with highly personalised communications and nudges.


As a highly emotional purchase, many customers spend the same amount of time researching their next car as they do their home. We reviewed INFINITI’s entire customer journey, assessing the way that the target audience was using channels, and using our Intelligent Influence planning approach to overlay the mindset and emotional drivers at each stage. We developed a new approach for delivering highly relevant content and messaging that engages consumers through the journey using the best digital channels and platforms. Our 3D model now informs all communications and operates as follows:

  • Desire – content around new brand and models to drive desire and build interest
  • Discover – new product videos and social assets to encourage brand and model discovery and nurture interest
  • Drive – model-specific content and offers to drive potential through ownership and convert interest to sale


We use a mix of digital channels including website, digital, social, email and SEM at the relevant stage of the customer journey, with the most appropriate platforms and formats. We think about how content works across each channel, producing the right content in the right format to create an overarching digital ecosystem for the brand. The end result is a complex matrix of content that can be used and retargeted based on interaction behaviour. The website sits at the heart of the engagement model and acts as a hub for all content: brand, models, features and offers. We drive prospects to the website at each stage of the journey and tailor relevant content on the site using Adobe Experience Manager. Retargeting activity is also used to nudge prospects into the next stage. This is activated by triggering criteria in social channels, email and programmatic display or by visits to the website.


Our email nurture programme is large and sophisticated and enables thousands of possible micro-journeys based on email interaction and overall engagement with the brand. It is developed at a central level and allows for local variations, e.g. local market offers to be applied where appropriate. Selection, build and delivery is performed in Adobe Campaign and we now broadcast 500,000 highly personalised email communications per month with minimal human involvement, delivering significant efficiencies for the business. 


As experts in Adobe, we supported INFINITI with the set up and implementation of Adobe Marketing Cloud, including migration from their existing platform. We provide first-line support and campaign production services including all creative development, data selection and campaign management. We are also currently integrating further Adobe components into the stack including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Message Centre and Forms. This will enable a further level of sophistication by providing real-time messaging (based on customer actions) in important face-to-face channels, such as dealerships and events.


Our INFINITI team at TMW is a diverse and international team made up of native speakers from INFINITI’s four largest European markets: Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Having an international team has been instrumental in us developing multi-market work – testing insights, validating transcreated work and also liaising with on-the-ground partners, especially when delivering social campaigns at speed.

When originating new campaigns or developing brand and campaign content, we work alongside a specialist transcreation agency who we have been partners with for the last ten years. This is a tried and tested relationship and we provide a managed service for the client, with the agency also having access to our campaign management and workflow tools for efficiency and clear lines of communication.  

For website translations, we also use a Clay Tablet plugin which allows us to create a master page, with translations then provided into language subpages straight into the CMS. For CRM, we use an interface called Taxi, which again allows us to create a master email and have translations returned into language variation emails. Both interfaces work through the Adobe platforms we use.


  • 406% increase in engagement via the nurture programme
  • 13% increase in qualified web visits
  • 27% increase in the qualified sales leads
  • 182% increase in test drives
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