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Epson wanted to dramatise the core benefit of its EcoTank printer- 3 Years, No Refills- so we worked with four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton to create a campaign focused on demonstrating the ‘#UnbelievableEndurance’ of the printer and the F1 star.

We created a spoof 30 minute celebrity workout video with a twist. In the video Lewis does three different exercises, an unbelievable 604 elevated press-ups, 267 squats and 337 pulls ups without stopping. The visual illusion is enhanced by two other Mercedes team members who enter the gym at different times and start working out alongside Lewis.


The asset generated huge talkability and ‘did he or didn’t he?!’ debate online. It generated 17.m views across five markets, 50,000 click through to EcoTank Page, 6.8k total reactions, 1.6k comments and 1.6k shares. It was also organically shared and debated on Reddit.

In order to turn that engagement into tangible business results, we retargeted the 200,000 UK consumers that watched the video for longer than 1 minute with a follow-up, sales focused advert- ‘Don’t Buy the Video? You Can Still Buy the Printer’- delivering £500,000 in sales leads to the EcoTank ‘Buy’ page.


17.m views across five markets 

50,000 click throughs to EcoTank Page



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