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Pizza Hut Restaurants
support Leicester City
football victory




Pizza Hut Restaurants has embarked on a journey to modernise its brand and dining experience to win the love of the millennial audience. Around a central strategy of linking the brand to cultural moments, we seized on a story unfolding in Leicester that would associate the new look Hut with one of the most exciting moments in recent sports history.



In 2016 Leicester City FC achieved the unimaginable by winning the Premier League, having started the season as 5000:1 outsiders.  To coincide with the team’s open-top bus victory parade, we set about showing Leicester and the nation just how far Pizza Hut Restaurants was going to celebrate this moment. Via the UK Deed Poll Service, all 11 staff and the restaurant manager in the Leicester Hut had their names officially changed to the city’s footballing heroes. We photographed restaurant manager Charlotte Smith, now Claudio Ranieri, giving a team talk to her staff before the restaurant opened for service. Diners were ‘assisted’ by midfielder, Riyad Mahrez, and delivered the goods by top striker Jamie Vardy. With a series of great shots, we began pitching our story to national news and sports desks.



We achieved 154 pieces of coverage (5 national hits and 1 broadcast, all in 48 hours). This press office idea championed the new Hut as a more culturally relevant brand (new restaurants, new menus, new vibes and playful American personality) and drove footfall and sales to the Leicester Haymarket restaurant.



"One of the best things about this campaign was the ingenious use of the budget; 
cost effective, high impact. This is what PR is all about"



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