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Getting to the bottom of nappy rash



We created a campaign to help expectant and new parents recognise the importance of nappy rash protection and the role of Bepanthen at every bedtime nappy change – the time when the nappy is on for the longest, and the chance of nappy rash occurring is greatest.

Mums/mums-to-be are online and prolific social media users, so the campaign engaged influencers and harnessed established networks to reach target audiences on a variety of social platforms.

The campaign encouraged peer-to-peer conversation, offered shareable content and presented first-hand product experiences to validate brand messaging.

Activity comprised of;

  • Creation of an eBook ‘What the parenting manuals don’t tell you,’ featuring content crowdsourced from a Twitter Party, designed to help expectant/new parents transition smoothly into parenthood, while linking Bepanthen to protection and bedtime

  • A product trial with BritMums, #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge, to drive reviews and peer-to-peer recommendations

  • Support of the launch using consumer research to create a strong hook for media featuring insights on how mums feel about their transition to parenthood

  • Successful submissions to four key consumer-facing awards, driving third party endorsement for Bepanthen from influential organisations



pieces of coverage generated as part of the campaign


Total campaign reach of

73 million




downloads of the eBook (15/01/2017)




views of the eBook


PR Moment Award

nominations for Healthcare Campaign of the Year and Health Marketing Campaign of the Year




OTC Marketing Award

nomination for Best PR Campaign for a Non-Medicine



14.1 million

social impressions resulting from the Twitter Party




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