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In late 2016, LDF – the SME-focused finance provider - faced the sort of challenge many medium sized brands have before – they had a great set of products, a very loyal customer base (90% + retention rates) and felt they had a huge, untapped growth opportunity. However, with only a limited marketing budget, a small team and a brand with very limited market presence, they had struggled to capture this opportunity.

So, MSQ was challenged to define a new brand positioning that would allow LDF to truly stand out in a crowded market place and developed a campaign, on a limited budget, that would build a new marketing-led (rather than sales led) revenue stream and grow its loan book into new sectors.


The core of the solution was to position LDF in direct contrast to the high street banks and the bureaucracy that small business owners experienced when dealing with them.  This led to the positioning around ‘we bring money into your business and not bureaucracy”, and the ‘Welcome to the Flipside’ campaign.

The campaign idea was to take everyday problems that small business owners face and – using simple, clear and consistent creative – transform them into possibilities in the ‘flipside’ world by showing how decision making can be flexible and fast.

The multi-channel campaign covered all touchpoints of the customer journey, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), PPC, SEO, display ads, and web pages. And all digital activity was supported with broader brand-building activity through PR and content partnerships, including with City A.M.

To ensure efficient use of budget, a joined-up measurement framework was developed to monitor performance of all aspects of the campaign and a ‘test and learn’ methodology was adopted throughout.  All aspects of creative, messaging and channels were monitored throughout, with more resonate creative executions/ channels, being prioritised, with others scaled down.


The success of the campaign surpassed even the most optimistic expectations. The campaign broke-even in its sixth week (way ahead of projection), showing the power of the ‘test and learn’ and multi-channel approach to deliver effectiveness on modes overall budgets.

The overall ROI has continued to grow, with £2.47 generated for every pound spent and £1.5 million incremental deal volume. This translated into a customer lifetime value of close to 1000%.

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