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Clinique had to do that most difficult of things – establish the brand with a new generation of potential consumers – and, in this case, millennials. But this is a particularly cynical audience, who won’t just believe what they’re told or do what you say – and it doesn’t matter how much money you spend trying to convince them. But we do know if we get this audience onboard now there’s a big chance of them staying with their brand throughout their lives.

To reach the audience Clinique had launched two new products – Pop lipstick followed by Pep Start Eye cream – and we needed to create campaigns, with a low budget, to get their attention.



Self-expression rates pretty highly on our audience’s ‘like-to-do’ list. And they have their own social media lexicon to shorthand with each other. We killed two creative birds with one stone – dialing self-expression up to the max – by giving girls the chance to become the lips of the new Pop campaign.

We launched the campaign through an innovative media partnership with Cosmopolitan Magazine and Instagram, which challenged the target audience to enter the competition by sharing their lip selfies on Clinique’s Instragram page. We then perpetuated reach by creating high impact advertising visuals, out of the selfies received, around our millennials’ favourite social acronyms. Plus we used experiential events at Westfield and other shopping centres around the country to build excitement.

It meant our new audience were literally authenticating Clinique – and earning our media for us by sharing their lip pics. We know that a lot of girls might not feel comfortable profiling pics of their faces or bodies, but everyone felt comfortable sharing their lip pics.

The winning lips became part of a press a campaign in Cosmopolitan giant, unmissable OOH hoardings and special builds across the country – true modeling fame.


We also know our millennials are super busy – but they’ve got so much going on that many suffer from fatigue. So we needed to remind them that it’s only when you step outside your comfort zone and say ‘Yes’ not ‘No’ to opportunities, that life really moves forwards.

We also know traditional media alone would not have the cut-through to activate this audience. Instead we recruited best friend (BFF) vloggers – groups of two BFF video bloggers with huge followings and tasked them with our Pep Start #ImIn challenge.

Our vloggers were challenged to do something they wouldn’t normally do e.g. Commando Training, A Morning Rave, or A Baking Master Class. Once completed our vloggers posted their film on their YouTube channel and then challenged their own followers to get involved. We created a bunch of challenges to help inspire them, and posted them all over Instagram (Cliniques and our vloggers) – daring girls to say tag #ImIn.

The campaign was supported with beautiful digital OOH advertising and online display – giving the new Pep Start salience in the high street.

Then two weeks into the campaign, we gave our own campaign its own ‘Pep up’ with a Snapchat sponsored story, re-energising the campaign and pushing out to a whole new audience.



Just three months after launch, sales of Clinique Pop were 60% over-target, helping to create the next generation of loyal customers.


We’re currently waiting for full results, but early indications look to be very good and the brand is now firmly established with a new generation of millennials. 

Clinique - POP lipstick launch from MSQ Partners on Vimeo.
Clinique - PEP from MSQ Partners on Vimeo.
Clinique - PEP Snapchat from MSQ Partners on Vimeo.
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