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Dr Ehrenstorfer is the world’s leading producer of pesticide and other organic reference materials. Since the mid 1970’s, the firm has built a reputation for consistently developing quality reference materials for residue analysis within environmental and food-based markets around the world. With no tangible brand, the business had relied purely on its reputation to maintain its position as a market leader.

Following its purchase by LGC, changing market dynamics coupled with new growth opportunities around the globe accelerated the need for change. We redefined the strategic positioning of the brand, acknowledging its pioneering beginnings but setting its sight firmly on the future, to create a revolutionary new brand.


After establishing the core proposition of 'Trusted Solutions, Today and Tomorrow', we created a striking new visual identity that embraced the premise that Dr. Ehrenstofer is far more than just a laboratory where things are explored and created. They have grown from artisanal beginnings into a global brand, offering an extensive product range created by skilled scientists with an incomparable depth of expertise. Their products have a real-world application that demonstrates an inherent understanding of the world.


The imagery sees the macro earth and micro solutions one and the same. Juxtaposing beautiful aerial images of earth with microscopic images of petri dishes gives an abstract nature to the look and feel. A further graphic language is incorporated, taking influence from the topography of maps, which is used as an overlay on imagery or where imagery isn't suitable, such as packaging.


With a universally well-received launch in July 2017, the brand was subsequently rolled out across packaging, website, event collateral, a 700-page catalogue, guidelines, print literature, advertising and brand film.

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