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The National Trust is an organisation steeped in heritage. It has been in existence for nearly 150 years, operating on the founding idea of protecting nature and making it accessible to everyone. However, the National Trust has struggled with a number of perception issues.

Firstly they are seen as a stuffy and irrelevant organisation – with an aging membership and a focus on preserving stately homes. They needed to counter this and emphasise that above all they stand for custodianship of nature, and as such they are relevant to everyone interested in it.

Secondly people increasingly tend to view their relationship with the National Trust on a customer/supplier standing (i.e. do I get value for money out of my membership?), rather than as a supporter/charity relationship which goes beyond transactional value.

With these in mind we needed to reposition the National Trust brand.

Our objective was to maximise the value of a National Trust membership by encouraging members to make more visits to National Trust places and spaces each year. We also needed to put the cause back at the heart of how they are perceived and reconnect with a younger membership base to deliver on the mission statement: Forever, for everyone.


To do this we needed to understand their business, visitors and members. Key pieces of insight told us that:

The National Trust’s primary source of revenue comes from membership fees, giving members access to heritage sites and open spaces up and down the country. To ensure a stable long term membership base we needed to strengthen the brand’s appeal to a younger family audience.

New members often see a year long membership with the Trust as a one off purchase - they visit the four or five stately homes in their area and feel that they’re done.

This insight led to the big idea: to show our audience that with the National Trust, every day out is different.

Digital channels needed to work harder to remind members that their membership helps support the work that the Trust does to preserve natural heritage for all.


We built a fully responsive website and a mobile application which are both grounded in providing a beautifully seamless user experience. Allowing new visitors and members to access the full potential of the National Trust.


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