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Two Trees, a company well-known for their innovative approach in the real estate development world, turned the homogenous rental market on its head with their one of a kind properties across New York City. For this reason, we knew we had to concept a one of a kind program that had never been done before…

That’s why we created Apartments Stories.

The idea? Replace the tired strategy of apartment tours and staged brochures with a program that shows people what it’s like to really live in Two Trees properties. So, we moved three social media influencers: fashion writer and actress, Tavi Gevinson, up and coming singer, Abir, and celebrity chef, Seamus Mullen into buildings across the city.

Then, we produced content hand-in-hand with each influencer that showcased genuine, and relatable experiences in their new homes. This included everything from posting on social media and hosting events, to creating building-specific video pieces than were featured in publications including NY Magazine, Men’s Health, and Paper Magazine.

It also included creating a tag sale for a good cause.

At the new Brooklyn property, 300 Ashland, we partnered with media mogul and style icon, Tavi Gevinson. While we were capturing her move-in process on film, she realized that she had a lot of items she wanted to donate. We turned this into an opportunity, and built an entire platform around it.

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