Core disciplines: Digital, Public relations (PR), Social

Our work with Curlformers

We began working with Curlformers in January 2016 and in our short time working together, we have grown the brands’ social presence exponentially. Through social listening, targeting, trendspotting and consumer engagement, we have revamped the Curlformers brand image to be fresher and speak to consumers in an authentic way, focusing on the products’ USP. Month on month, we increase mentions by around 100% across social platforms driving consumers to purchase. 


Our task

Working with Curlformers since January 2016, we were tasked with improving their share of voice and presence on social within the US market, by celebrating all things curly.



How we did it

We focused on an audience we knew would love Curlformers – US cheerleading teams – and during their busiest time, March Madness, used social listening and targeting to speak to them about our product.

Alongside this, we launched a competition on Facebook and Twitter where we encouraged fans to post an image of their curls using our hashtag #CurlformersCheer. Throughout March Madness we created a montage of the photographs to share with the wider Curlformers community.



Facebook competition reached


unique users, and we achieved
an engagement rate of 4%



Twitter reach for
#CurlformersCheer reached 


from 114 Twitter mentions


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