Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Creative production


Pilgrims Choice is Britain’s no.2 cheddar brand – the cheesy challenger to Cathedral City. With a fraction of the budget of the market leader, and considerably lower share of mind and market, it needs marketing as bold as its cheddar if it’s going to cut through and connect with shoppers who were picking from the cheese chiller on autopilot, with over 80% of branded cheddar bought on deal.


All supermarket shoppers but a particular focus on getting a younger audience passionate about the cheddar category.


If audiences don’t really care about branded cheddar, we wanted to find something they DO care about.

Something that we could contribute to; connect to audiences through. We had to be ‘audience in’, not ‘brand down’.

Dreams. We all have them.

Dreams about winning the lottery, marrying your favourite celeb, or the one where you drive an octopus through space in your underwear. And the good news is, due to a naturally occurring amino acid in cheddar called tryptophan, Pilgrims Choice cheddar is so powerful it can even affect your dreams. Not just an old wives' tale after all.

So we went out to the UK public and asked them to eat Pilgrims Choice cheddar and tell us their dreams, and we turned the best one into a TVC that blends live performance, puppetry and CGI to create a visual spectacle involving a pirate, a restaurant in the sky and a cheeseburger with legs. This surreal TV ad went live as the launch of #CheeseDreams, a year-long campaign with continued audience participation.

The social element of the campaign asks the nation to embrace dreaming and submit their dreams to Pilgrims Choice on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to be in with a chance of having their dream turned in to a GIF. The GIFs created from the user-generated-dreams are being shared across social and digital out-of-home supermarket screens to capture shoppers just before point of purchase and to inspire even more Pilgrims Choice fans to submit their #CheeseDreams.


  • Brand positioning + identity
  • TVC
  • OOH/Shopper
  • Social
  • UK only

We have created a platform where Pilgrims Choice can be just as bold and punchy as its cheddar: it truly is the Cheese of your Dreams.

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