Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Creative production


Founded in 1999, Meantime is the pioneer of the modern British craft beer movement.  Yet, as it grew it faced a new challenge: converting mainstream drinkers to its award-winning taste, whilst keeping its innovative challenger spirit alive.


Beer drinkers looking for a pint, bottle or can they could be proud of.  To succeed, we needed to inspire mainstream beer drinkers to upgrade from a Heineken, Stella Artois or Peroni, alongside reinforcing the choice of the craft beer faithful who had thrust Meantime into the big time.


In a bold step up from previous campaigns, we worked with the client to show the world that Meantime really does MEAN IT, with a campaign platform that remains true to the brewer’s founding belief that good beer comes from doing things properly. This platform is a call to arms, a political manifesto, challenging big beer to MEAN IT as much as Meantime does.

In an OOH campaign, we spread the MEAN IT message across key areas of London with authorised fly-postering and strategic takeovers of out-of-home sites including an iconic mural on Shoreditch High Street. Rather than fill the wall with more posters, we took the opportunity to elevate the space in Shoreditch to an artistic collaboration – working in partnership with artist Leif Podhajsky, whose portfolio includes distinctive album cover artwork for the likes of Tame Impala and Bonobo, we created a vibrant visual representation of ‘MEAN IT’ which created social interest online and connected Leif’s following with the Meantime brand.

The ‘MEAN IT’ platform flexes seamlessly across all channels (internal communications and trade as well as B2C), and continues to work with the new products we are developing in close collaboration with the client, everything from beer mats and brand books to the launch of a 300ml can format for Meantime’s flagship beers.


  • Brand positioning & identity
  • NPD
  • Packaging
  • On & off trade marketing
  • OOH
  • Social

We have distilled Meantime’s message into a simple platform and call-to-action which reinforces the brand name and encapsulates the brand’s heritage, whilst inspiring everything from innovation to communication.

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