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Since launching in early 2006 Betway aims to provide first-class entertainment across the spectrum of sports betting, casino, bingo and poker. As do many bigger betting brands, which unlike Betway, have a high street as well as an online presence. Betway needed a distinct tone to get noticed in a cluttered market, and enter the top tier of most recalled repertoire brands.


Sports fans for whom, as legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once said, football isn’t a matter of life and death - it’s far more serious than that. They’ll love you like a brother if you can show you share their passion.


We have worked with Betway to break free from the limits of category conventions using an idea that connects emphatically and unequivocally with true audience culture and behaviour. With ‘For The Love Of The Game’, Betway demonstrates that it knows only too well that, if the game’s on (especially if you’ve got money on it), everything else is a bit of a distraction.

As legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once said, Football isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s far more serious than that. From the Arctic, to the ocean, and into space, the Betway boys show that no disaster can get in the way of the footie. Each film, shot in the style of classic movies and giving a nod to the golden age of cinema, has been created to provide pure entertainment but also land the brand, speak to audience culture and drive acquisition.

The campaign was produced using our movie-trailer-approach (which we call Modular), turning TV advertising into a rapid-response weapon that delivers throughout a campaign's lifecycle. We use this approach to tell a consistent brand story but ensure that activation is always timely and relevant. Modular has also allowed us to work at the cutting edge of real time advertising, collaborating with broadcasters to display real time betting odds, and deliver to a captive audience right in the heart of the action.

During creative development, we worked with Betway to understand their medium-term product roadmap – developing one idea with multiple tactical “storylines” to accommodate new products, services and offers, as they unfold. ‘For The Love Of The Game’ was scripted and shot to include 10 “episodes” of each of the three main storylines, each film designed to engage audiences at different sporting moments. And because we shoot all of these narrative threads at the outset, on a single TV production budget, we ensure the campaign is both effective and efficient.


  • Modular TV production
  • Press
  • Radio
  • Digital
  • All for UK & international markets

Top box performance in Millward Brown testing, showing our audience has found the campaigns extremely engaging, funny and enjoyable to watch - with all three sitting in the top percentile for Enjoyment, Active Involvement and Distinctiveness. And there’s a positive commercial impact: in 2016 Betway made the shortlist and became one of the top 8 most recalled sportsbook brands in the UK.


“We have always challenged them to generate work that both builds the brand and delivers immediate response; the holy grail of short-term and long-term effectiveness. Or, in short, great advertising. Fortunately, in the case of A+B they have always willingly accepted the challenge and risen to it.”

Nick Shepherd — Betway

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