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Schmoozing the US with beautifully personalised business cards

The Background is a quality and highly creative print stationery business with a wonderfully quirky personality. After a decade of growth in the UK, Mr. President were tasked with helping them break the US and build the brand at this new frontier, targeting a new wave of Professional Designers in small to large design companies.

MOO is a creative printer for creative people. The kind of people who see their stationery as an extension of themselves and their business. Our challenge was to explain to customers that MOO didn’t just make their stationary look pretty, they tailored it to be the most perfect premium paper versions of themselves. This is You by Moo.

The Work

Just as MOO transforms people’s businesses online into beautiful stationery, so our creative centred on a MOO machine, which magically took all the important elements of a customer’s personality and business, and turned it into the most perfect, premium version of them.

From video-on-demand and pre-roll, to streaming audio, radio, and rich media placements, the campaign combined both brand and direct response assets, all driving to the brand’s homepage, The “You by MOO” brand idea has unified MOO’s voice across every touchpoint for the brand.

During the campaign period MOO saw an impressive 15% uplift on customers buying through

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