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You by MOO are a high quality, creative print stationery business. One who have been growing their presence in the business card market in the UK for a decade. After many years of growth, the business was expanding out into the US as a new entrant.  Mr President was tasked with how to successfully create brand awareness in a compelling way across America. 

To fully understand how to position the campaign, we undertook bespoke qualitative research. Our team recruited eight groups across three centres in the US, split between owners of small and medium-sized businesses. We chose a Skype group workshop methodology for each group, enabling multiple observers across both the US and UK for first hand exposure to the group insight, but also the ability to directly feedback and pivot the discussion. 

A unifying audience insight was that MOO appealed to creative people, not creative businesses. Key decision makers in organisations were more attracted to MOO if they saw themselves as creative, irrespective of whether their organisation was creative. 

Our group facilitators uncovered an unmet desire across all groups – that they see print products as being paper representations of themselves. So it was hugely important to them that a printer could create the most premium version of themselves. Something that was not available through limited template brands in market.

This led our strategy and creative teams to develop the “You by MOO” proposition.

Just as MOO transforms people’s businesses online into beautiful stationery, our creative execution centred on a MOO machine, which magically took all the important elements of a customer’s personality and business, and turned them into the most perfect, premium version of them. The “You by MOO” transformation idea was easily replicated across digital case studies, the website and ongoing social content. 

The campaign ran across pre-roll, video-on-demand, streaming audio and radio, and rich media placements, all driving to the brand’s homepage,  To date, we have seen an increase in website traffic by 15% during the campaign period, and all of the early indications show that we are pushing beyond our brand awareness targets. 

MOO Part 2:

As a result of the first campaign, awareness of MOO continues to skyrocket in the US, and website traffic is on the rise every month - proving the success of the strategy. So this year, we've evolved for phase two: a plan to connect with even larger, more corporate businesses.

With this audience the core of the idea still rings true: there are creative people within every business. However, this time we are bringing to life a printing scenario that is true to their needs - producing business card designs that work for every different employee in their business.

The hero film features Jenny, an office manager at a fictional games company, Jump Games. She enlists the help of the fantastical MOO machine to take the things that makes her business unique, and creates business cards for the entire company.

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