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Chef Inspired Kitchens

Miele, the premium German home appliances brand’s biggest priority is their kitchen range.  The brand offers a full suite of kitchen appliances – ovens, hobs, fridge/freezers, etc., but remain in a cluttered space with many competitors at varying price points. Complicating matters further, a consumer’s kitchen buying process spans approximately twelve to eighteen months from start to finish, with appliances being one of the last things they decide upon, and they make the decision based around price, or what fits within their existing measurements and set-up.

This long consumer journey presented us with a fantastic opportunity.  We had to reach consumers before they got too far into the renovation process, and inspire them through a wealth of content, across various touchpoints to get into their consideration set.

Our first task was to develop a new online destination for the brand.  This destination - Der Kern by Miele ( - was built with one overarching thought at its core:  that we believe that a kitchen is never more beautiful than when it’s being used.  Therefore, all our content had to showcase this beauty, providing inspiration from not only the world of cuisine, and white goods, but through the world of design as well.

With a new site up and running, we jumped head first into creating a new content series, composed of a handful of short films entitled Chef Inspired Kitchens.  Within the series, we go inside the homes of three well known chefs, Monica Galetti, Sven-Hanson Britt and Anna Hansen, and learn why they chose Miele for their homes.  

The series follows Emma, a Londoner who was looking to downside her home, while maintaining an open-concept feel, maintaining the kitchen as the centre of the household.  Her architect set her up with individual one-on-one consultations with each chef, in which she took guidance from each to implement into her own home.

The content series lived across many digital touchpoints including pre-roll, digital display, social, editorial, dot-com, and of course, on Der Kern itself.  

Throughout the campaign, traffic to Der Kern increased by 150% over benchmark.  Our hero film was viewed just under a million times, and one in five people viewed through to completion, surpassing YouTube’s own audience retention benchmarks for longer form content.  We saw bookings to their Experience Centre cooking courses sell out weeks in advance, so much so that the brand had to increase their capacity to meet demand.   

Such success led to extending the campaign’s duration, as well as expanding the media buy into various independent cinemas, which ran throughout the UK in Autumn 2016. 

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