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The Body Shop's Beautiful Adventures

In 2016, The Body Shop announced their brand new commitment to good, that they will promise to enrich, not exploit, their planet or people. As part of the commitment, we wanted to tell our consumers and the wider world the about the incredible stories behind the creation of The Body Shop products.

We know the Body Shop’s customers are digital natives, who are intrigued by the power and beauty of the world and care about protecting it. They love to know interesting things about their planet so that they can share with others and know they’re supporting brands that do good and give back.

They might not be interested in the ingredients or products alone, but by picking up on key Instagram trends in Travel, exploration, photography, and beauty, we recognized the opportunity to take our digital natives on a journey to discover how The Body Shop is once again carving the way forward as an ethical, moral and admiral brand.

We decided to take our audience on the adventure of sourcing the finest ingredients from the far corners of the world, telling them the secrets behind the products, and showing them that beauty is more than skin-deep.

Each adventure travels back to the ingredients home, discovering the stories that live behind our products, the people who harvest our ingredients and the way we’re enriching their communities and environment.

From the foothills of Mount Kenya to the Atlas mountains of Morocco. We re-discover how powerful and pure products come from enriching, not exploiting, our beautiful planet.

Our first 3 adventures take our consumer on a journey to discover:
the strongest roses born from the finest British soil;
our wonderful, wild, nourishing honey from Ethiopia;
our rare and precious beauty of our liquid gold Argan oil from Morocco;
the most powerful organic tea tree leaves from Kenya;
our organic, hand-crafted packaging from Nepal;
and our smooth and soft shea butter from Ghana.

With each adventure, we created a digital ecosystem to tell the different chapters. A hero film, a series of assets for social and a virtual reality 360 film.


Argan Oil - Morrocco from Mr. President on Vimeo.
British Rose from Mr. President on Vimeo.
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