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Freesat - Unbelievably Good

Freesat offers everything you’d want from a TV service: all the channels, catch up, on demand, pause and rewind, a great experience, but with one important difference. It’s completely subscription free. Set against the astronomical costs of Sky, it’s hard to understand why more people haven’t already made the switch.

Our brief was to create a long-term brand platform promoting Freesat to cost-conscious ‘Sky wobblers’, and get them to cancel their subscription and try Freesat instead. We know that once they switch to us, they stay.

But there was a barrier – it’s hard to leave Sky, and there’s a fear that a free service just couldn’t be as good. Sky customers act like reluctant addicts, always finding an excuse to postpone the switch.

So we began an exercise of clever social listening to understand what made converted Freesat customers take the plunge to dump Sky. It quickly became clear that switchers were unbelievably, evangelically happy.

In fact, the way our customers spoke about Freesat was fervent. They love the product so much, they make some unbelievable claims about how it was “the best decision we have EVER made”. This made our key positioning for the brand extremely simple:

Freesat is Unbelievably Good.

We dramatised the hyperbolic disbelief people experience when they first discover Freesat and its many amazing features by showing an array of customers declaring it the best decision of their lives – even choosing it over their own children. And all the claims were rooted in true statements from real customers.

It gave us a consistent creative platform across TV, print and digital, and social but also defined a tone of voice, attitude and behaviour for the brand that informed how they behave in customer care, CRM, point of sale and in conversation with their customers in social.

And the results speak for themselves, more Sky wobblers are wobbling towards Freesat. Since starting the campaign in October 2016, we know that Sky Wobblers felt more positive about Freesat after seeing our campaign, and positive mentions on social media soared dramatically.

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