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Le Club Goose

Grey Goose used to be the most prestigious Vodka in the world, only ever pictured with the world’s elite. But it’s become a victim of its own success, with aspirational folk sharing pictures of the bottle online, using it as an accessible status symbol. And the larger the audience for the drink grew, the less it connected with the top tier consumers that made it famous in the first place.

Our job was to re-connect the brand with their core customers and to make it desirable again. Our point of view was that a luxury vodka doesn't need mass advertising, it needs to be seen holding super-premium company: Introducing ‘Le Club Goose’, the worlds most premium club for the world’s top 1% clientele.

Accessible only to those with a silver goose, the first members were chosen in the opulent Courchevel 1850 resort. They were given a consultation on a ski lift by a world-class mixologist and handed their goose that would unlock a world of experiences with Grey Goose.
Despite France being a dark market, we found a clever way to leverage the experiential activity in accordance with Evin Law.

Each wearable goose is embedded with NFC technology that not only enters the member into a bespoke CRM programme but also remembers their personal preferences, such as their favourite cocktail. So, when they next turn up a high-end partner bar or event around the world, their serve will be waiting for them.

Since launching in Courchevel the programme has continued at Soho House Coachella, the US Open, and rolled out in some of Ibiza's most luxurious locations this summer.

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