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BACARDÍ: Bringing to life the Untamable

BACARDÍ rum was in a tricky situation: despite being one of
most popular rums in the world it was losing share as consumer connection to the brand weakened and product perceptions declined.

In response, the brand launched their new brand idea: “Untameable”, which talks of the Bacardi family and their 150 history of making rum against-the-odds. We brought this storytelling to life within BACARDÍ owned channels which helped change the tide of conversation within crowds of people already engaged with the brand. However, the larger task loomed of making this interesting to our twenty-something male target audience who were disconnected from the brand.

Our strategy was to demonstrate this Untameable spirit through behaviour: by acting Untameable within the online culture that the target audience already engage with through a series of campaigns:

Uber Libre

We made Untameable behaviour participative: For one night only, users could log onto the Uber App, hit the BACARDÍ bat icon and nominate their friend stuck in an undesirable situation to receive a free, freshly made BACARDÍ Cuba Libre. A taste of
freedom, delivered directly to their door.

This ties into a key play for the brand on-trade: to get guys to stop ordering Rum and Cokes and start ordering BACARDÍ Cuba Libre (the original rum and coke that toasted the end of the Cuban War of Independence).

The partnership with Uber built in scale and the #UberLibre activity was picked up naturally by heavy influencers within our demographic, reaching 6.7m people and trending on Twitter.  

"Breaking the Triangle" Trailer from James Marcus Haney on Vimeo.

Breaking the Triangle

Rather than inviting an influencer to attend our event, we challenged one to break in and film the whole thing.

With a need to get the attention of 21-25yr old guys, BACARDÍ set up their ‘Music Travel’ passion platform and with it ‘BACARDÍ Triangle’ was born - a music festival in the most untameable place on earth – the Bermuda Triangle. Our brief was to create content that would get talked about by our audience and help recover the credibility of BACARDÍ.

We needed an innovative approach, something inherently untameable and something with distribution built in. This led us to Marcus Haney, who shot to fame in Summer 2014 for his MTV Documentary ‘No Cameras Allowed’. A notorious festival breaker-inner pursuing his passion for music and travel, getting to the inside artist world our audience aspire to.

We got headliner Ellie Goulding to challenge Marcus publicly to break into the event. This generated huge amounts of buzz between his and Ellie’s fans and ensured the news spread.

After accepting the challenge Marcus went dark until he appeared backstage surprising Ellie Goulding. It turned out that he’d broken in dressed as her, complete with wig and prosthetics.

72 hours of footage turned into a trailer and 30-minute feature which premiered to a packed Soho Hotel, before being released online in July 2015.

The results speak for themselves: BACARDÍ online conversation over-took our biggest competitor, Smirnoff, our ten-year decline in brand searches finally stabilised and BACARDÍ’s brand tracker started showing signs of recovery.

BACARDÍ Bat Beats from Mr President on Vimeo.

Bat Beats

Knowing that music and technology were key passion areas for the young male target audience, we demonstrated the Untameable behaviour of BACARDÍ via an experiment to turn the movements of 100,000 wild bats into an exclusive music track. To embedded the experiment within their culture by recruiting prolific urban Instagrammer, Tyson Edwards as our photographer and Fabric Nightclub Resident, Craig Richards to produce our music remix. The Fast Company also covered the story.

The buzz generated from the activity generated 4 million impressions on Twitter and had 165K video views. Influential lifestyle blogs and news sites, such as Fast Company, The Verge, Stupid Dope & High Snobiety covered the project positively, giving BACARDÍ some serious kudos.

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