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adidas: Pogba X Stormzy – adidas Football

adidas Football’s mission is to push the limits of the game forward, delivering product that improves the performance of Messi, Bale, Pogba and Sunday League players around the world.

We reinvented the football transfer announcement with a music video that bought creators from two worlds together - footballer Paul Pogba and grime MC Stormzy. Pogba was given a stage to showcase his style and Stormzy gave him the soundtrack to do it. This hard-hitting collaboration was ‘accidentally’ leaked on social to break the news ahead of traditional media. An accidental leak, over 30m views and 400 news articles later, we put adidas at the heart of a story that reinvented the most clichéd part of the football calendar. And made it look cool as hell.  

adidas challenged us to use the hype around the most expensive football transfer in history - Paul Pogba’s move to Manchester United - to position adidas Football in a unique way that would genuinely appeal to the brand’s target audience.




Our challenge was to unite creators from the worlds of sport and music together to land the football transfer with an attitude that would transcend into street culture.


The impact was far greater than any staged press conference:



400 news articles.

Vice quoted the football transfer as ‘the most important 45 seconds that’s ever happened.’

The Times even tried to explain the lyrics.

adidas Football’s most shared post ever.

adidas share price peaked in the days following the announcement.

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