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YouTube: MadeForYou

We highlighted the huge influence YouTube creators have on popular culture - through their voice, their content and their unique relationship with fans. 

Each year in the UK, YouTube works with a small number of creators to celebrate how they’ve used YouTube to tell their story and connect with a community of passionate fans. In 2016 though we decided to do things differently - there is a rich universe of creators, and those that capture the public eye and attention are just the tip of the iceberg. There are nearly 200 UK-based channels that have over a million subscribers each - and we wanted to celebrate and spotlight the breadth, diversity and scale of YouTube rather than just focus on a select few creators as we’ve done in the past.


We also wanted to show the huge influence these creators have on popular culture - through their voice, their content and their unique relationship with fans. It’s the creators and the fans that shape YouTube and then influence culture around them. YouTube is quite literally MadeForYou. We were extremely proud and excited to work with 18 established and up-and-coming YouTube creators based in the UK, including filmmakers, musicians, comedians, spoken word poets, scientists and modest-fashionistas, who together have over 48 million subscribers to their YouTube channels.





We wanted to celebrate and highlight the breadth and diversity of content that YouTube’s creators represent. And ensure that people understood that whatever you’re into, YouTube is MadeForYou.

To date, the hero video has been viewed over 3.1mn times, with fans and creators using the MadeForYou hashtag over 3,500 times to express their support for the campaign.  There were over 2.5mn fan interactions with creators’ MadeForYou content - and over 250 pieces of content that our 18 creators posted on their social channels. Creators’ MadeForYou videos received over 5.6mn organic views.


The diversity and range of creators featured in the campaign was positively praised by fans, creators and the press - and ensured we achieved extensive coverage in publications as varied as Mail Online, Stylist, Campaign, Marketing Week and Mashable.


And MadeForYou stuck in our audience’s minds - there was a 54% unprompted recall of the advertising campaign. Most importantly thought we were able to shine a spotlight on the people that make YouTube what it is - our creators and users.

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